Your Journey to a Great Smile

February 02, 2015

Have you ever wanted to get braces or Invisalign, but you are worried about what your experience will be like? What will the orthodontist be like? Will you be treated with respect? Will they make you feel badly about your teeth? Will they treat your child with the same amount of care as they would with their own families?

Going to an orthodontist can be nerve-wracking, and that’s understandable! You will be meeting with new people in a new office, and you are not quite sure what to expect. For that reason, we have put together a short video called “Your Journey to a Great Smile” so you know exactly what it is like to become a family member (ahem – I mean “patient”) at Collins Orthodontics.

Here is a little “peek” inside of our clinic walls to show you what we are all about…