Ever wonder what foods you should stay away from?

Avoiding Sticky and Hard Foods

Avoiding sticky and hard foods during your time in braces is for your benefit. Hard foods can break braces / appliances off of your teeth, and if this continually happens throughout your treatment, your overall time in braces could be significantly increased.

Furthermore, sticky foods can not only break braces, but can sometimes get stuck in between braces. This will increase your risk for gum disease, cavities, and other dental problems. We’ve compiled this list of foods to avoid during your time in braces.

Don't you still want to eat well with braces?

Foods You Can Enjoy

For every food you must avoid during braces, there is an equally tasty food you can enjoy! Here is a list of foods that can be enjoyed during your time in braces.

Want the best recipes for braces?

Braces Friendly Recipes

When our patient, Malia, prepared for clear braces treatment at  Collins Orthodontics, she shared her plan with us. Her meal plan! She jumped on the internet, found the foods perfect for her first week in braces, and prepped them before ever sitting back in our chair at Collins Orthodontics.

The results? Collins Orthodontics presents Braces Friendly Eats featuring Malia Howe – healthy foods you’ll love that won’t irritate your smile while you start your treatment.

You can see the recipes here: BracesFriendlyEats