7 Critical Life Moments Your Teen Should Experience with the Perfect Smile

November 01, 2015


Putting your teen through orthodontic treatment doesn’t just mean a straighter smile after the braces are off. You know their smile will look different once teeth move into the right alignment, but sometimes it’s surprising just how much of a change this can make for your teen and their future.

For most adolescents, braces don’t just mean a healthier, more beautiful smile – they also mean twice the confidence and a brighter future.

Here’s a look at seven life moments you’ll guarantee your teen experiences with the perfect smile and that extra boost of confidence:

1. Help your teen meet new friends with a smile.

Remember what it was like making friends growing up? It isn’t always easy –those first long term friendships provide a foundation for a lifetime of relationship building- self-esteem and a welcoming smile can make a huge difference.

Meeting new people and making new friends can be intimidating, even for adults, but it’s easier when you have the confidence of a straight smile. After having braces, (and even during treatment), most patients tend to smile more and that makes them act and feel more confident. And definitely makes them more approachable too.

2. Take some stress out of high school sweethearts.

Do you remember your first crush? You thought that he or she was the coolest person alive. Teens and adolescents take that first crush, (or first few!), very seriously. A first date can really be nerve-wracking, and they’ll want to get every minute right!

Teens put a lot of effort into their appearance on most days, but especially on a first date. What should they wear? Does their hair look O.K.? Which parent will give them a ride if they don’t have a car… how much will the parent embarrass them? Being confident in their smile means they have one less thing to worry about!

3. Be sure taking photos is fun.

More than ever, teens and adolescents are constantly using Social Media and taking countless photos with their friends at virtually all times. (A lot of them are taking plenty of themselves too.) Whether they are taking a trip to Disney World or the nearest shopping mall, almost every moment gets documented.

A straighter, healthier smile means more comfort and confidence in front of a camera. That means your teen will feel comfortable taking pictures with their friends. On Photo Day it means they’ll spend more time on the perfect hair or outfit than they will practicing smiles in front of a mirror – that will come effortlessly. And yes, it also means they may be taking more selfies!

4. Make your teen’s prom perfect.

Prom night is a big occasion for any teenager. For months the school and students prepare for the dance most will only attend once or twice. Not only is it the biggest dance of the year, but it’s the dance that most teens will remember for the rest of their lives.

No expense is spared –there’s the dress or tux and matching corsage and boutonniere, sometimes even a limo or Uber Escalade – and of course, no prom experience is complete without an unstoppable smile.

5. Make sure they wear their cap and gown with a smile.

Whether it’s high school or college, graduation is a hallmark rite of passage for all of us. It’s also a time for friends and family to come together and celebrate your teen’s academic milestone and achievements. Make sure they’re smiling when they take their diploma (and that first big step forward).

6. Help them make stronger impressions at interviews.

After graduating your teen will be ready to take the next steps to starting a career. Smiles make an important first impression anywhere, and interviews are no exception. Whether they’re finding an entry level position just out of school, or interviewing for an executive role down the road, you don’t want a smile to hold your teen back in the future.

As surprising (and unfair) as it may sound, candidates who have more confident, straighter smiles have shown a proven advantage over the competition. News networks have reported on this smile phenomenon – why candidates with healthier more attractive smiles are more likely to succeed in their career goals.

The confidence that comes with a straight smile doesn’t hurt either! In fact, it’s a big reason why more people are getting adult braces than ever before.

7. Guarantee a big smile on their big day.

Many of us grow up with dreams of a big white wedding. One day your teen may be walking down the aisle. It’s a life changing occasion for both families and no big day is complete without a beautiful, white smile.

An effortless smile makes every moment better.

No matter what’s going on in your teen’s life, smiling is just all around good for people. Some studies have even linked smiling more to having longer, healthier lives.

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To your teen’s continued success,