Are All Orthodontic Clear Braces in Rochester, MN Really Clear? The Answer May Surprise You…

April 21, 2014

It’s scientific fact that one full mouth of “old school” style metal orthodontic bands is enough to create all the characters needed for 2 entire Transformers movies (I made that up). But yikes, no wonder people hated braces back then! At Collins Orthodontics in Rochester, MN, we offer the newest and most esthetic treatment options including clear braces, Invisalign, and standard braces (and yes…with colors if you want!).

So what is the secret to our clear braces versus other orthodontic offices in Rochester, MN? Well…our brackets are completely translucent, so they perfectly match the color of your teeth! In fact, most types of “clear braces” aren’t really clear at all! Instead, they are opaque, and if their color is not perfectly matched to your teeth color….then it will not blend in with your teeth at all! That’s why we use true “clear” brackets that are completely translucent in order to perfectly match the shade and color of your teeth!

Check out our patient, James P. below….he is wearing his Collins Orthodontics clear brackets in this photo!

James Porter Patient Picture