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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

The staff at Collins Orthodontics is dedicated to providing the highest quality of orthodontic care in the safest and most effective manner possible. Our staff members are compassionate, friendly and accommodating. They stay current with new technology and techniques by attending continuing education courses on a consistent basis. Each member of Dr. Collins’ staff is professional, highly skilled and available to answer any concerns or questions you may have regarding your orthodontic treatment.


Dr. Collins - Orthodontist

When Dr. C was a 7-year old little boy, he opened a lemonade stand in his parents' front yard in order to help people "beat the heat." Every Sunday, neighborhood families would come out to have a taste of the sweet concoction, with the number of customers doubling every week. What was lil' Dr. C's secret (besides using tons of sugar)? He greeted every single person who stopped by the stand with a handshake and said "thank you for coming." Fast-forward to present day, and Dr. C now is the owner of a much bigger lemonade stand, in which he calls "Collins Orthodontics." After 11 years of post high school training to become an orthodontist, Dr. C says the most important part of his job remains the exact same as when he was seven years old - kindness to everyone he meets. Dr. C has the best job in the world, and he is blessed by having an incredibly talented team, a loving family, and strong faith. Aside from being happily married and spending time with his sons, Dr. C also enjoys art, playing guitar, coaching the girls varsity soccer team at Mayo High School, and volunteering for community service projects. And yes...he now knows that too much sugar in lemonade is bad for your teeth :)


Chelsea - Dental Assistant

Little does she know, the main reason why Chelsea was hired at Collins Orthodontics is because she routinely laughs at Dr. Collins's jokes, even when they aren't funny (which according to him, is "extremely rare"). But seriously, this girl has the friendliest smile and most contagious laugh ever, with an exceptional ability to brighten even the gloomiest of days with her positive energy and vibrant personality. Chelsea continues the Collins Orthodontics trend of being a "hometown girl," as she hails from the great city of Byron, Minnesota. Chelsea is a wonderful addition to the team, and we know you will love seeing her!


Danielle - Financial Coordinator & Executive Assistant

I've never met an Icelandic princess before, but I'm 99% sure that Danielle ran away from her castle in Iceland to unleash her can-do attitude and creative potential at Collins Orthodontics. A curious soul with a thirst for knowledge, Danielle is the perfect fit at Collins Orthodontics, as she serves a dual role of Financial Coordinator and Executive Assistant. When Danielle isn't working hard behind the scenes to make our patients' experiences better, you can find her spending time with her family, perusing Pinterest for creative ideas for crafts, or re-charging with a great book. Collins Orthodontics is lucky to have found the ultimate "team player" in Danielle, which means all-around better care and service for our patients!


Hannah - Dental Assistant

If we didn't hire Hannah as a dental assistant at Collins Orthodontics, then I'm certain she would have ended up as a cast member on Saturday Night Live to unleash her quirky sense of humor on the world. Hannah may seem shy at first, but she has one of the most charming personalities ever with a heart of gold to match. When Hannah isn't helping you get the smile of your dreams at Collins Orthodontics, she enjoys spending time with family, riding her horse, cleaning, napping, eating and relaxing. Hannah is originally from Adams, MN (graduating from Southland H.S.), and we know you will love her as much as we do!

jennifer a

Jen - Treatment Coordinator

One of my all-time favorite quotes is none other than Maya Angelou's "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." And if there is anyone that knows how to make people feel important, comfortable, and special, it's Collins Orthodontics' newest employee, Jennifer A! Jen's warm, friendly and engaging personality is put to great use at Collins Orthodontics as the most caring, outgoing, fun and energetic Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator in all of Rochester! When Jen isn’t helping you decide on the perfect treatment to get the smile of your dreams, she enjoys exercise, reading, spending time with her two beautiful girls and husband, bowling and going to concerts! Jen also happens to be a hometown girl, where she is a proud alumna of Kenyon-Wanamingo High School. Jen is such an amazing addition to the team, and we know you will love seeing her at your orthodontic appointments!


Jenna N. - Creative Director & Marketing Coordinator

As Dr. C's little sister, Jenna recalls him treating her more like the "brother he never had" during their childhood - rifling footballs at her as they played "catch" in the front yard, lifting weights, and playing video games. Fast-forward to present day and now Jenna is showing Dr. C (or "Dr. Brother" as she calls him) a thing or two about artistically creating all sorts of cool stuff to make the "office experience" for our patients and staff second to none! As a former graduate of Century High School, Jenna is yet another hometown girl on the Collins Orthodontics team. Jenna also enjoys exercising, art, and spending time with her family and her coonhound - Briar. Her graphic design ability and artistic eye are absolutely off-the-charts amazing, and we are so incredibly lucky to have her at Collins Orthodontics.


Keanna - Dental Assistant

If I could describe Keanna in one word, it would be.....impossible to do. This girl has way too many amazing gifts and talents to sum up in just one word. Genuine, positive, talented, compassionate, humble, and loyal just to name a few. Oh, and Keanna has the work ethic of farmer and the strength of two dozen oxen (specifically, the ones from Oregon Trail), which I'm pretty sure she picked up when spending quality time on the family farm. Although we don't let her wear her jean overalls to work, we absolutely love having Keanna as one of our talented Dental Assistants at Collins Orthodontics. When not gracing us with her adorable and upbeat personality at work, you can find Keanna spending time with family and friends, camping, or reading a great book. Keanna is also a local hometown girl, hailing from the great city of Kasson! We absolutely love that she is part of our team at Collins Orthodontics!


Kelsey - Patient Care Coordinator

You know those servers at restaurants who memorize all of the ingredients of every dish, serve 16 different tables at once, and somehow manage to keep track of who wants ranch on the side, which kid just spilled a full glass of chocolate milk all over the table, and who wanted to change their order for the tenth time in a span of 3 minutes because peanut-based sauces makes him "gassy." Yeah, well the incredible customer service, contagious smile, and ability to exceed guest expectations of one Terza server named Kelsey D. caught my eye and now she is helping to bring that adorable and fun personality to our patients at Collins Orthodontics as our newest Patient Care Coordinator! Outside of being a rock star team member at Collins Orthodontics, Kelsey enjoys playing volleyball, fishing, four-wheeling, and reading. We are so thankful for Kelsey, and know you will love her as much as we do!


Kimberly - Office Manager

Remember those kids in high school who were multi-sport athletes, played 37 musical instruments, could type 1.5 million words per minute, were super nice and sweet to everyone, and managed to be incredible humble about all of their talents? At Collins Orthodontics, Kimberly is "that kid"... Really, she serves the role of Treatment Coordinator, Office Manager, Financial Coordinator, and part-time Super Hero. In her spare time, you will often find Kimberly singing like an angel with the likes of the Rochester Symphony and Orchestra, the Autumn Ridge worship team, and to her adorable little son Caden, who also happens to enjoy singing (read: yelling) to his friends (read: disney stuffed animals). Kimberly is yet another great team member at Collins Orthodontics.


Laura - Dental Assistant

The three sweetest things I know are 1 - Nutella, 2 - Flapdoodles birthday cake ice cream, and 3 – one of our Dental Assistants, Laura! Trust me - you will not meet a kinder soul with a stronger desire to serve others. Laura and I had the pleasure of working together early on in my career as an orthodontist, and I was ecstatic when she applied for a position at Collins Orthodontics several years later. Laura has a "Be the Hero" mentality in which she always finds the positive in situations and in people, and is 100% committed to making sure your experience at Collins Orthodontics is nothing short of exceptional. When Laura isn't gracing us with her genuine and sweet personality at the office, you can find her spending time with her family, grabbing some Ichi Tokyo, watching sports, or kayaking! Laura is such a gem, we know you will love her just as much as we do!


Lynn - Business Development Specialist & Executive Assistant

Early on in my career, I was given the advice too "surround yourself with people smarter than you." And proof that I have done just that is our newest employee, Lynn! As our Business Development Specialist & Executive Assistant, this girl uses her incredibly sharp attention to detail to make sure Collins Orthodontics is constantly pushing to operate at the highest level for our patients and team. In fact, Lynn is so detail-oriented that by the time she reads this, I'm certain she is still thinking about my incorrect use of "too" in the first sentence. ;)  In all seriousness, Lynn is an employer's dream. She is incredibly hard-working, intelligent, punctual, compassionate, genuine, and fiercely loyal. Lynn is a hometown girl (Chatfield and Rochester), and when she isn't making Collins Orthodontics a better place, you can find Lynn spending time with her family, boating, and working on various projects around the house! We know you will love Lynn as much as we do!


Shawna - Dental Assistant

If Mother Theresa has a long lost granddaughter, then we are 99% certain that it's Shawna. In 2014, Dr. C called the Salvation Army to volunteer serving meals to families in need, only to find out that someone else had already reserved Thanksgiving week. That someone was Shawna, and less than 6 months later, we hired her at Collins Orthodontics. Aside from having a passion to serve others. Shawna loves hiking, playing soccer, pallet art, taking pictures and spending time with her family. Shawna a hometown girl as well, where she graduated from John Marshall High School as a soccer star. Shawna is a wonderful part of the Collins Orthodontics team and you will love meeting her!


Tayler - Patient Care Coordinator

In the pet world, golden retrievers are the breed known for being super friendly, playful, intelligent, great with kids, kind to strangers, and incredibly loyal. In the human world, our newest Patient Care Coordinator and avid pet-lover, is all of those amazing qualities and more. An adventurous soul with a big heart for others, Tayler is the perfect fit in our positive and uplifting work family. When Tayler isn't helping our patients get the smile of their dreams, you can find her traveling the world, spending time with her dog, and camping. Hailing from Kasson, Tayler is a hometown girl and is loving the opportunity to serve the community in which she grew up. Welcome to the team Tayler - we know our patients will love you as much as we do!


Veronica - Dental Assistant

Imagine Jennifer Lopez meets Maya Angelou meets the girl who gives you extra guac (no charge) at Chipotle. That's Veronica (or as I like to call her..."V. Lo"). Veronica is chock-full of personality and one of the most amazing, positive, appreciative, talented and genuine people you will ever meet. She speaks Spanish, which is wonderful because Dr. C's Spanish speaking ability begins and ends with "Abre la boca" and "Tengo hambre." When she is not working at Collins Orthodontics, she loves spending time with her family, shopping, dancing, roller blading, and raising her two beautiful children. Veronica is also a hometown girl as she is a proud graduate of Mayo High School. Veronica is such a gem - you will love meeting her at Collins Orthodontics. Trust me.