Top 5 Things You Must Know About Your Orthodontic Benefit

Mayo Physicians, Consulting Staff and Voting Administrative Staff Edition

Are you a Mayo Physician, Consulting or Voting Administrative Staff?

Your Entire Family is Eligible for 100% Orthodontic Coverage

If you are a Mayo Physician, Consulting or Voting Administrative Staff, then you and your entire family are eligible for 100% orthodontic coverage at Collins Orthodontics. Essentially, Mayo Clinic will be covering the entire cost of treatment for you and your entire family. However, we do have some suggestions for you to make sure you end up paying nothing out-of-pocket, and we’ve put these suggestions in this free report.

Why Read This Report

Are you a Mayo employee and interested in braces or Invisalign for yourself and your family, but need more information about your orthodontic benefit? You are not alone. In fact, we get dozens of questions about this topic from countless Mayo employees and their families at our office every single day. Questions like the following are more common than you think – Can I use my benefit at any orthodontic office, or do I have to go to Mayo? Who in my family qualifies for the benefit? How much does it cover? What is the most cost-effective option to use my Mayo Benefit? When is the ideal time to use my Mayo orthodontic benefit?And many more! If you want to know how to maximize your Mayo orthodontic benefit for yourself and your family, then I STRONGLY suggest signing up for the following FREE report in order to be fully informed about your Mayo Orthodontic benefit.

In This Free Report, You Will Learn The Following:

WHO Qualifies for the Mayo Orthodontic Benefit

WHAT is Included in Your Mayo Orthodontic Benefit

WHERE Can Your Orthodontic Benefit be Used

WHEN is the ideal time to use your Mayo Orthodontic Benefit

HOW to Choose the “Perfect Fit” for Your Child’s Braces