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Limited Treatment

Limited Treatment at Collins Orthodontics

We have found that many of the adults in Rochester, MN and surrounding communities have wanted clear braces, but are not interested in the traditional 1-2 year treatment times.  For that reason, we also offer limited orthodontic treatment with clear invisible braces for adults with minor orthodontic needs who are looking to improve their smiles in a shorter amount of time (commonly referred to as "6 month smiles" or "six month smiles").  

The way we are able to achieve faster treatment times is due to two reasons.  

First is the orthodontic technology we use at Collins Orthodontics.  We use a technique called indirect bonding which allows for more accurate positioning of your brackets, and ultimately a much shorter overall treatment time.  All of our indirect bonding is made in-house, where Dr. Collins personally sets up your case in order to assure the most accurate bracket positioning for your individual case.  We also use gentle wires that have shape-memory, which allow for faster and more comfortable tooth movements.  

The second reason that our treatment times are faster is because of the level of expertise provided at our office.  We are different from many other six month smiles providers because of the level of orthodontic training of Dr. Collins.  Whereas most six month smiles providers simply attend a weekend course about braces, Dr. Collins has had over 8,000 hours of orthodontic-specific training for straightening teeth in an accredited orthodontic residency program at Mayo Clinic.  Therefore our team is able to accomplish far more in a 6 month period than most six month smiles providers. That way, you can get the smile you want in the shortest amount of time possible!

So if you are interested in our limited treatment six month smiles program at Collins Orthodontics, we can assure you that you will be getting the highest quality of care in the shortest amount of time.