What is the Adopt-A-Shark Program?

The Adopt-A-Shark Program was created by Collins Orthodontics to provide free orthodontic care to children cancer patients. Giving back to the community is a priority at our clinic, and a need was found with children cancer survivors. Often their journey is quite costly for their family and orthodontic treatment is financially out of reach.

The Adopt-A-Shark Program makes orthodontic treatment possible and provides beautiful smiles and confidence to children who have found the strength to persevere despite overwhelming obstacles.

Why Sharks

Sharks are strong. Sharks are powerful. Sharks are fighters. The same can be said about the brave children who have battled cancer. Sharks have an incredible ability to heal from wounds and diseases, and children cancer survivors have done the same.

How You Can Help

Collins Orthodontics accepts donations to supplement the cost of braces for children cancer survivors in our community. 100% of these donations are used to provide the highest quality of orthodontic treatment to the recipients. To be clear, these families don’t come to us and ask for help, rather they are hand-picked from the community or offered the treatment at no cost or reduced cost once they become patients. Obviously, the need far outweighs a single office’s ability to provide. So, in order to help the maximum number of children possible, those who would like to help can donate to the cause.

Any donation is accepted. As a token of our gratitude for your help, those who donate $30 or more get to adopt our Collins mascot shark. This adorable braced-up stuffed shark comes with an adoption certificate, a card for you to write a personalized note to a child cancer survivor, and all the gratitude we can muster for making another child’s dream come true. Families with children battling cancer have enough on their plate without having to worry about how they can pay for braces. Please come by the office to see how you can help give a shark a home and a cancer survivor a smile.